Farming USA

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Farming USA is a farming simulator for Android and iOS mobile platforms, that lets you take charge of your own farm in a realistic 3D world. Walk around your farm and drive tractors, combines, semis and more. Plant, grow, and harvest crops as well as feed and raise cows, pigs, sheep, and horses.


  • Own over 25 farm vehicles and implements including tractors, combines, semi/trailers, trucks, planters, cultivators, etc.
  • Walk or drive anywhere on your farm, which includes a house, barn, shed, and 6 fields. Visit the grain elevator, animal stockyard, or vehicle dealership.
  • Actually sit in the driver's seat, or switch to external camera angles.
  • Plant, grow, and harvest corn, wheat, and soybeans.
  • Buy cows, pigs, and sheep and feed and raise them to resell.
  • Use money to buy bigger and better vehicles and implements.
  • Realistic sound effects - sounds like a real farm!
  • Compatible with Xbox 360 game controller for driving!

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